Vieira, B. S., Ferrari, T., Ribeiro, G. M., Bahiense, L., Orrico, R. D., Abramides, C. A., Campos, N. F. R. A progressive hybrid set covering based algorithm for the traffic counting location problem. Expert Systems with Applications, v. 160, p. 113641, 2020.

Abstract: This work tackles the Traffic Counting Location Problem (TCLP), where we aim finding the best number and location of counting stations to cover a road network in order to obtain its traffic flows. It is important to reduce deployment, maintenance and operation costs of traffic stations. We propose a progressive hybrid algorithm based on exact, heuristic and hybrid approaches embedded on a set covering framework to solve the TCLP. This algorithm employs a simple and innovative concept which has not yet been explored in the literature. Twenty-six real-world instances obtained from the Brazilian states are used in the computational experiments and the results show that the TCLP can be solved more efficiently than previous approaches, with 84% of the instances solved optimally, and three new best known solutions found.

Keywords: Location, Traffic counters, Mathematical programming, Set covering, Exact and heuristic methods

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