MOREIRA, Ricardo; SZKLO, Alexandre; LUCENA, André; EMÍLIO, Paulo. Blue sky mining: Strategy for a feasible transition in emerging countries from natural gas to hydrogen. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2021

Resumo: Natural gas is often considered a transition fuel to a deep decarbonized world. However, for this to happen, new technologies should be fostered, among which a natural gas-based H2 industry can become a key-option. This study tests the hypothesis that the development of a natural gas-based H2 industry equipped with CO2 capture can monetize natural gas remaining resources, mitigate CO2 emissions and facilitate the transition to the renewable energy-based H2. To do that, this study evaluates a stepwise strategy for setting up the development of H2, departing from the idle capacity in the existing natural gas industry, to progressively create a H2 independent supply. Findings indicated that this strategy can be feasible, according to the case study assessed at relatively moderate crude oil prices. Nevertheless, CO2 storage can become a constraint to deal with the co-produced CO2 from the steam methane reforming units. Therefore, it is worth developing storage options

Palavras-chave: Energy planning,Hydrogen, Natural gas resources, Infrastructure, Hydrogen energy.

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