This Research Line addresses the issues involved in the needs of the various transport systems for their operation, both in its facilities and in its lines and services, whether alone or in a network. In these cases, the rail, water, air, general circulation and public transport infrastructures are addressed, highlighting the role of traffic engineering and traffic safety in the management and operation of the road space.

The researches are carried out aiming to improve the transport systems, making people and cargo trips to be made in an efficient, safe and predictable way. Issues of costs involved in each system are also addressed, whether in tariffs and freight, or in aspects related to the costs necessary for its full operation, or in the dimensioning and actions necessary for the well execution of the planned activities.

An important point to be highlighted is the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) as well as the new technologies of information and communication and digital media, which contemplate several interdisciplinary aspects. Such tools assist and seek to optimize traffic management (motorized and non-motorized), provide suitability and efficiency regarding information to users, manage automatic collections, and guarantee frequency, tracking and management of trips in public transport, commercial vehicles (trucks), vehicle security systems, among others.